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Investigation launched after disturbing video is released

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Investigation launched after disturbing video is released


Britain’s military authorities have launched an investigation after an amateur video has come to light showing soldiers beating Iraqi detainees. The video has been released by the British Sunday paper , The News of the world. The video shows soldiers beating youngmen.Accompanying the tape is a comentary by the cameraman who is heard laughing.

The tabloid newspaper claims the video was given to them by a so-called whistleblower.It says that it has established the soldiers involved were British but has not disclosed which unit or regiment. Brigadier Martin Rutledge: “ Images of the video amount to very serries allegations. They’re very disturbing and are subject of an urgent military police investigation. We alsways initiate a service police investigation where there are any grounds to suspect that a criminal or serious act had happened.” The incident is said to have taken place two years ago in southern Iraq but the authenticity of the video has not been verified.
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