Hopes fade for the 900 missing in Red Sea ferry disaster

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Hopes fade for the 900 missing in Red Sea ferry disaster

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Shocked and bewildered – survivors from the ferry which sank in the Red Sea on Thursday are brought back to port. Only 300 people are confirmed as having escaped the stricken vessel, 185 bodies have been recovered but 900 are still missing. Speculation is growing over what caused the 35 year old ferry al Salam 98to sink, One survivor claimed there was a fire on board which started in the engine room but that the crew kept trying to put it out.One woman confirmed there was a fire and that it was decided not to go back to port but to go on fighting it. Whatever happened and there were reports of bad weather in the area, it is belived the ferry took only minutes to go down.

Hopes are fading of finding more survivors as the rescue operation has now entered its second day. The ferry sank nearly 100 kilometres off the coast of Egypt as it sailed from Saudi Arabia. Its last contact with shore was at about 8 oclock GMT on Thursday night.Desperate families and friends waited at the port of Safaga where the ferry should have arrived. Many have complained about the lack of information and that nobody is helping them to find out what has happened to their missing relatives. The vessel’s owners, the El Salam Maritime Transport Company, have begun an inquiry into the tragedy. Meanwhile ships and helicopters are continuing their search of the area. But as time passes its feared the rescue operation is now likely to be more of a recovery mission.