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Egyptian ferry survivors accuse crew of neglect

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Egyptian ferry survivors accuse crew of neglect


Hopes are fading of finding nearly 900 missing people after an Egyptian ferry sunk in the Red Sea early yesterday morning. Rescuers have already found at least 185 bodies and pulled more than three hundred survivors from the water. Each has their own version of what caused the disaster, but nearly all are angry over how it was handled.

Shihada Ali from Egypt said: “We were floating for hours. No one took care of us. There was no rescue team. There are people still alive but no-one is helping them.” Other survivors claim the crew assured them they were dealing with a fire on board but some were really looking out for themselves. “I was wearing a life jacket. The captain was the first to leave and then the ship went down,” according to Hassan Mahmoud from Egypt. The ferry had been carrying nearly 1,300 people from Duba in Saudi Arabia when it went down 100 kilometres from the Egyptian port of Safaga. Many of those on board say a fire broke out below deck shortly after the ship left port but it sailed on for two hours listing to one side. Some reports say there was an explosion and then the vessel sunk within five minutes. Relatives of those on board have complained that they have had no information and no-one is helping them find out what happened to their loved ones.
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