European countries knew about CIA prisons says Swiss senator

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European countries knew about CIA prisons says Swiss senator

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The man leading an investigation into alleged CIA prisons in Europe has said European countries knew about their existence. Swiss deputy Dick Marty who is leading the probe on behalf of the European human rights watchdog the Council of Europe has accused his country and others of being hypocritical. He says the problem does not only concern Romania and Poland which have both been identified as possible sites of secret US-run prisons and have denied any involvement.

“It’s the whole of Europe which has kept quiet about the affair,” he says. “There are those who do the dirty work abroad, but there are also those who know when they should close their eyes when that dirty work is being done,” he added. Marty’s comments coincide with the publication in a Swiss newspaper of a secret fax from Egypt on alleged CIA prisons in eastern Europe. The scandal on the supposed network of detention centres erupted following an article in the Washington Post last November, and has sent shockwaves through Europe. Marty has also accused the United States of violating international human rights laws and criticised his own country and Europe for what he calls their passive attitude towards such policies. Washington has refused to confirm or deny the allegations over secret prisons, and has denied using or condoning torture.