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Winter misery in store for Asia quake survivors

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Winter misery in store for Asia quake survivors


The Pakistani general in charge of the relief operation following the South Asia earthquake has said it is unlikely all the homeless will be provided with tents before the winter begins in earnest. Some areas have already had their first snowfall.

The United Nations has expressed its concern at the desperate situation faced by tens of thousands of people living in the open without adequate food or clean drinking water. The official death toll from Saturday’s tremor has gone up to 25,000 and 63,000 injured. However estimates suggest as many as 40,000 people may have lost their lives. Some remote mountain areas have been entirely cut off by the quake and have yet to see any aid. In some parts though, low-flying aircraft have been able to drop emergency packages of food, blankets and medicines. Where valleys are too treacherous for helicopters, the laborious process of sending help on mules continues. Blocked roads remain a major problem. So far an estimated 290 million euros in aid have been pledged. The United Nations is appealing for more.
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