Melilla under seige from migrants

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Melilla under seige from migrants

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For a second night in a row hundreds of mostly African people desperate to enter the EU have tried to storm the fence around Melilla, one of two Spanish enclaves on the north African coast.

Around 500 people involved used hundreds of makeshift wooden ladders to scale the three metre-high fence. Spain announced earlier this month it would double the height. Successive waves of between 50 and 100 would-be immigrants proved too much for Spanish police, who called in help from their Moroccan counterparts. In all, around 100 people managed to get into Spanish territory. 12 were injured, along with six police officers. It is the biggest incident of its kind this year. The Spanish interior ministry says 11, 000 immigrants have attempted to scale the fence in the last nine months, during which time it is believed two have died. Illegal immigration into Spain from Morocco is top of the agenda at Thursday’s summit between the two countries in Seville.