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Belgium publishes banned airline list

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Belgium publishes banned airline list


Belgium is to publish a black-list of airlines that fail to respect safety regulations, following the lead of Britain, France, the United States and Switzerland.

Pressure has grown on EU countries to come up with a list after five fatal airline crashes worldwide this month killed 300 people. But the prospect of drawing up a list on which all 25 members of the Union can agree is proving elusive. Italy, for example, would prefer a list of companies that are safe, rather than naming-and-shaming. As if to highlight the issue, Turkish airline Onur Air had to step in to fly holidaymakers from Paris to Antalia on Sunday after authorities grounded Ankara-based carrier Fly Air. It is the second time in less than a week that a Fly Air airbus A300 has been held on the tarmac. This time a tyre was found to be defective, and the replacement also failed safety tests. French aviation inspectors also said the aircraft’s papers were not in order. On Wednesday, another Fly Air A300 was forced to make an emergency landing after engine trouble.
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