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Families of Venezuela air crash victims struggle to accept tragedy

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Families of Venezuela air crash victims struggle to accept tragedy


A memorial service has been held in Venezuela to help families come to terms with the loss of their loved ones after Tuesday’s air disaster. A list of the dead was hung inside the Cathedral in Maracaibo. It was the first time they had seen the names of their dead relatives in black and white. Most of the 160 people onboard the doomed plane were from the French island of Martinique. Members of their families have flown to Venezuela.

With many finding it hard to accept that a close relative was killed, some chose to fly over the crash site to see it with their own eyes. The brother of a woman who was killed in the crash looked down over the wreckage. He said that now he could see the precise location of where she died he would be able to tell her children and all the family what he saw. “That is the most important thing,” he added, “because now, he and his family would be able to start mourning.” It is still not known exactly why the West Carribean Airways plane crashed on its way from Panama city to Martinique. For the families who have now returned from Venezuela there was further sadness: because of the identification process they were not able to come back with the relative’s remains.
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