Cyprus plane crash victims "frozen solid"

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Cyprus plane crash victims "frozen solid"

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Most of the bodies recovered from a Cypriot plane that crashed near Athens with 121 people on board were frozen solid, according to Greek officials. The Helios Airways Boeing 737 was carrying 115 passengers and six crew when it came down on Sunday. There were no survivors.

The bodies of nearly all the victims have been found. Autopsies have shown the corpses were frozen solid and investigators believe people died or were unconscious before the impact. Both flight recorders from the plane have been recovered and have been sent to France for analysis. Experts believe there may have been a sudden failure in cabin pressure or oxygen supply which within seconds could have killed everyone inside. The flight was heading to Sofia in Bulgaria from Larnaca where on Monday morning passengers refused to board one of the airline’s aircraft. The company says its services are operating normally after reports it had suspended its flights.