The world marches on Edinburgh

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The world marches on Edinburgh

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More people than expected have turned out in Edinburgh to march for an end to global poverty as part of the Live 8 day of music and political activism.

Some 200,000 people marched and there were a few delays at the start of the procession such was the weight of people wanting to take part. The marchers have been encouraged to follow a white dress code. The intention is to form a human chain around The Meadows, the park in Edinburgh where the march ends, echoing the white wrist bands that have been sold to raise money in the weeks leading up to today. Five giant cranes around the park have hoisted an enormous banner bearing one of Live 8’s key slogans, “make poverty history”. This biggest-ever march in Scotland’s history has wound its way through the city to the swirl of bagpipes and bongo drums, and that was before the concert proper even began. British Finance Minister Gordon Brown joined Scotland’s First Minister Jack McConnell onstage to praise the participants for their generosity and for coming.