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Day of reckoning for gay marriage in Spain

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Day of reckoning for gay marriage in Spain


The Spanish parliament is expected today to finally approve a law which will allow same sex marriages and adoptions.

The bill, which first won the support of Spain’s lower house of parliament in April this year, has created a rift between the Church, conservative groups and the socialist government. The Forum of the Spanish Family Group defends traditional family values. It has organised a petition and campaigned strongly against the proposed reforms. Spokesman for the Forum, Rafael Lozano said “We don’t agree that the present legislation, which says that the union between a mother and father is a family, must be changed because of a minority group”. For gay and lesbian couples like Beatriz Gimeno and Boti Garcia, the new law will mean an end to years of discrimination and a chance to legalise their relationship in the eyes of the law. “If Spain”, says Beatriz, “a Catholic and southern Mediterranean country with a short history of policies in protecting social freedoms can do it, it is perfectly possible that any other European country can do it.” If, as is expected, the bill is approved, Spain would become only the third European country along with Belgium and Holland to legalise same sex marriages and adoptions.
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