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French have say on the future of Europe


French have say on the future of Europe

Today is decision day for the French – accept or reject the new constitution for the European Union.

Voting in the referendum has already begun in France’s overseas territories, and at French embassies around the world. Successive opinion polls in recent weeks have put the “No” camp out in front. This despite a well-coordinated campaign by the government and the main opposition to try to get people to back the treaty. EU leaders will be watching this ballot closely. Many commentators believe a “No” vote could kill off the treaty and weaken France’s role in Europe. The polls have shown that one in five voters remained undecided when campaigning ended on Friday. The “No” camp is led by Socialists who are defying the party line, the far-right National Front and the Communist Party. The Interior Ministry is expected to announce an early result sometime after 10pm CET. Euronews will have live coverage throughout the evening. In one region near Paris new electronic voting systems are being tested during this referendum. The Italian-designed computers may be used in future ballots.