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Sri Lanka's students go back to school

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Sri Lanka's students go back to school


Thousands of children in Sri Lanka have returned to school today – a week later than planned because of the tsunami disaster. Councillors as well as teachers were on hand to welcome them back. With nearly 200 schools destroyed by the giant waves, many of the children face a new beginning in different buildings with different classmates.

The United Nations children’s fund, UNICEF, has been providing some support. Kits containing sport, play and learning materials have been distributed to many of the schools to help the children return to some kind of normality. Tonnes of food, medicine, tents and drinking water are being flown to the country in a never-ending stream of aircraft. But it is feared the relief work in Sri Lanka could be disrupted by a cyclone. The Joint Typhoon Warning Center of the US Defense Department has warned that the weather front is moving towards the country’s south coast.
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