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Court creates doubts about credibility of Ukraine's new election

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Court creates doubts about credibility of Ukraine's new election


Ukraine has been thrown into confusion on the eve of the fresh presidential election.

The Constitution Court this morning ruled that changes approved by Parliament earlier this month are not legal. What it has in mind is a new law which outlaws postal votes – which were considered responsible for much of the fraud in last month’s vote. The opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko had warned in his last press conference yesterday that the court might throw a last minute surprise like this morning’s. Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovitch’s team believes their candidate has the most to lose if postal ballots are not allowed – and may now appeal if he loses tommorrow’s election. His victory last month was overturned because of extensive cheating.The Constitutional Court’s members are appointed by the outgoing President Leonid Kuchma who has been backing his prime minister Viktor Yanukovitch. In a tv address last night the President urged both sides to put their personal differences aside for the good of the country.
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