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Madrid victims pour scorn on politicians

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Madrid victims pour scorn on politicians


The victims of the Madrid train bombings have criticised Spanish leaders for using the inquiry into the attacks to score political points. Spokeswoman Pilar Manjon, whose 21-year-old son was killed, poured scorn on the commission and the media. The sessions aim to find out the truth behind the bombings by Islamic radicals. “You have focused on what happened between March 11 and March 14,” she told the commission. “Nothing could be further from the interests of the victims. We know perfectly well what happened. We searched for our dead. We cried for them. We buried them. We cremated them. We said goodbye.”

The attacks were politicised from the start, with the then Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar repeatedly claiming that Basque separatists ETA were involved. Current leader Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero was accused of giving the Islamists what they wanted by pulling Spanish troops out of Iraq. He has now announced the appointment of a High Commissioner for the victims.

The Spanish media has also been slammed by the families for repeating footage of the attacks in which 191 people died when four devices went off almost simultaneously on packed commuter trains.
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