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Claims 1,000 militants killed in Fallujah offensive

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Claims 1,000 militants killed in Fallujah offensive


Over 1,000 insurgent fighters have been killed during the American military offensive in Fallujah, according to the Iraqi Security Minister.

Describing them as ‘Saddamists and terrorists’, he said the operation to stamp out the Sunni muslim resistance was almost over, with 200 militants arrested. There has been no independent verification of the death toll and arrest figures. The US says 22 Americans have been killed and 170 wounded. It is not known how many civilian Iraqis have been caught in the crossfire. The assault on Fallujah, which has pushed insurgents into the south of the city, was aimed at conquering the uprising once and for all ahead of elections planned for next January. But the Iraqi Red Crescent has called the humanitarian situation “catastrophic”. It has been distributing medical supplies, food and water to refugees camping on the outskirts of town. Meanwhile, the attacks on Iraqi government and American targets elsewhere in the country have continued. The US military has been playing down suggestions the northern town of Mosul has become a fresh front for militants and foreign fighters who fled Fallujah.
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