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Man who discovered Iceman disappears in Alps

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Man who discovered Iceman disappears in Alps


The German man who became famous after finding the remains of a prehistoric iceman in the Alps 13 years ago has himself disappeared in the mountains.

Helmut Simon found the mummified body which dates back 5,300 years while hiking in the Tyrolean Oetz Valley on the border with Italy. The wonderfully preserved corpse – considered one of archaeology’s greatest discoveries – has delighted scientists and is now on display in the Bolzano museum in the north of Italy. After inspecting the body, experts have come to the conclusion he was killed by an arrow in the back. The iceman has been at the centre of a legal row – Simon and his wife Erika who was with him when he found the body had claimed a large amount of money for their discovery. The 67-year-old has now been missing for four days in the Austrian Alps after going for a hike alone. A 100-strong search team has been deployed but hope of finding him is dwindling fast.
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